Making the rounds around the social horn yesterday and today is news of erstwhile Oriole/now Diamondback Adam Jones taking issue with some choice words from a fan in the stands leading to that fan’s ejection from the game. ESPN posted video of Jones making a catch in right field and pointing out a fan to Petco Park security.

Jones, a San Diego native, expressed disappointment among other things in the above statement postgame. It’s notable that this isn’t the first time Jones has experienced comments from the peanut gallery; the then-Oriole had a bag of peanuts thrown at him alongside racial epithets at Fenway Park a couple years ago.

While I don’t advocate for anyone to play park police on their own (as Adam suggests above), it’s easy to echo Adam’s sentiment of disappointment in our fellow fan who decided to spout off obscenities. As far as fan policing, directing security to the offender so park staff may handle the situation would be much more prudent. It’s easy to forget that the ballpark is a family venue and there are children present that shouldn’t hear vulgarities spouted from adults that should know better. Don’t be that person who spouts off expletives after a couple social sparklers. No one likes that person.

In saying that, I do also believe there’s a place for directing jabs at players in the field as long as they’re game-related and clean. That’s part of the home-field advantage; letting center field know they’re in a slump or that our pitcher has their number is ok by me (though I’m not that kind of fan). If that player breaks the slump or goes yard off your boy…well, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Far be it from me to dust off an Anchorman line (and I know you’re tired of it too), but as fans of a long-suffering franchise finally turning the corner, we know we’re better than that. We pride ourselves on being an educated, classy (sorry), and welcoming group of fans who learned how to roll with the punches after years of bad baseball. Let’s keep that reputation and make those fans who pop off in the stands or start scraps outside the park the extreme outliers rather than the norm.

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