Cup O' Coffee: Ty France Joins Padres
Will Ty France make an impact with the Padres? -Photo Credit: SDSU Baseball

In today’s expresso-sized Cup O’ Coffee we’ll take a hot sip of the news regarding Ty France making his way to San Diego.

The big news following last night’s solid win is that one Ty France has made his way to San Diego.

To make room for France on the roster Jose Pirela is hitting the IL with an oblique strain. Insert joke about “that’s the only hitting Pirela can do” here.

If you haven’t heard already, Ty France has been tearing the covers off baseballs in his time with the Chihuahuas. In 19 games the now-second baseman has smacked 9 dingers and is hitting at a stellar .423 clip. There are lots of caveats to be had regarding the numbers, however. This is El Paso sitting at 3,700 feet above sea level; hits fly farther in thinner air. The PCL has also evolved to an absolute hitters’ paradise since the league has adopted the same baseball as MLB. Many have already noted the baseball used in the bigs as being “juiced”.

Regardless, the Padres may have brought up the 24-year-old SDSU product to bump up offensive production at the keystone. Luis Urías is back in El Paso doing Luis Urías things. Ian Kinsler is an offensive black hole (phrasing by the 5.5 boys). The introduction of a hot hand at second may help bolster a Padres starting lineup that got back into the swing of things last night.

Some also see this as a litmus test both for France and Andy Green. Will the prospect with no pedigree have his bat translate to the big stage? Will Andy Green allow Ty the opportunity to play or will echoes of Urías continue with sparse playing time for a rookie?

The season so far has been full of surprises and twists. I expect this development to be no different, for better or worse.

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Roy Thomasson
Roy Thomasson

I hope he gets off to a nice start and finds some regular playing time. Urias never looked comfortable and confident in the box so I can see how that might have factored into his trip back to El Paso. Ty’s been hitting the cover off the ball. Andy Green said something about him being a bench bat, they know he can play the corners, see how he does in drills elsewhere. I hope he impresses in practice, rakes as a pinch-hitter, and then starts seeing regular time at second base. He’s put in a fair amount of work behind the dish, too, so the team now has a competent emergency catcher if needed. He doesn’t have a clear platoon weakness according to his minor league stats, so he should get chances regardless of the matchup. Kinsler has struggled against everyone, but he’s really struggled against RHP’s in the last couple of years. Maybe we see Ty face the fireballing relievers since Kinsler’s bat is s-l-o-w these days.

I’m not-so-secretly hoping that Ian Kinsler goes the way of Chase Headley while Luis Urias gets his mojo back. I like the arrangement of Urias as the primary 2B and then France and Garcia the backup infielders.