Hotcake Hot Takes MLB Suspension
This fight has been the hottest topic of the week. Photo Credit - Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

In this quick Hotcake Hot Takes, we’ll look at the suspension of White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson over purported language.

Major League Baseball has taken action over this week’s hottest topic with today’s announcement that Tim Anderson and Brad Keller will both face suspension for their parts in a kerfuffle this past Wednesday.

Anderson spiked his bat after launching a home run against Keller in Wednesday’s game. Keller decided to take exception to the show and summarily beaned the White Sox shortstop in his subsequent plate appearance. Tim took some exception to the hit but otherwise walked to first base. Benches cleared and tempers flared as the Royals and White Sox took turns posturing. For his part Anderson appeared to stay on first and only jawed at a Royals player who gestured to the shortstop.

For his retribution by beaning Keller will face a 5 game suspension, which in pitcher terms is the loss of one start. Anderson received a one game suspension…for what at first appears to be nothing but a bat flip. The league is justifying their stance by claiming Anderson made an off-color remark.

Jeff Passan offered up a few tweets clarifying the situation:

There are many racial and societal undertones running through the replies and comments regarding the suspension. At face value it seems tone-deaf of MLB to take the same tact against a pitcher who willingly throws a baseball at an opponent and a player who doesn’t take any action other than to say something to an opponent.

There is precedent of the league taking action against a player who says something inappropriate, however. You may remember Kevin Pillar being issued a two game suspension for uttering an anti-gay slur at an opponent a couple years ago. Passan clarified that Anderson used a common epithet.

Feelings are certainly mixed as to whether Anderson deserves a forced benching. Many attribute MLB’s move as a response to Tim’s bat flip prior to the scuffle. Other believe that any utterance of a racial epithet regardless of the person who says it deserves some form of punishment. In any case, one can suspect this won’t be the end of the discussion and many more hot takes will be made regarding the incident.

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