Quick Plate: Luis Urías back to AAA
What's the word going around regarding Luis Urías? Photo Credit: Chadd Cady

In the first of many Quick Plate features, we’ll catch you up on the happenings on #PadresTwitter at large. First up is Luis Urías being demoted to AAA and the reaction.

The announcement of Luis Urías being sent back to AAA is making the rounds on Padres Twitter. This burning hot topic is churning up reactions of varying repute, so allow us to help you catch up with a Quick Plate.

The reaction to the move has been negative to say the absolute least. Subsequently, arguments have been made regarding who or what to blame for the lack of progress in Urías’ development. We’ll dive into where your fellow fans are laying the blame.

The Fire Andy Green Movement

This seems to be the most inflammatory reaction being tossed around. Many are laying the blame for Luis Urías’ playing time at the feet of the Padres skipper. Some point to Green preferring to play veteran Ian Kinsler, who has done very little to validate himself performance-wise. Ian currently owns a .154/.247/.256 slash. Others believe constant tinkering with the lineup hasn’t allowed players to get into an established routine, and that includes little playing time for Urías.

Ian Kinsler Ruins Everything

Speaking of second baseman, many point to the presence of Ian Kinsler on the roster as the biggest roadblock to Luis Urías manning the keystone. Do I need to put the slashline here again? No? Ok, cool.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t defenders of Kinsler playing 2B. The main argument in favor of sending Luis down is so the 2B can get more consistent playing time and rebuild confidence under less harsh lights.

The New Ty France Narrative

The latest news burgeoning from the Pads’ AAA affiliate is that one Ty France is hitting. Not only is the SDSU product hitting, he’s doing so while at second base. Some suspect this is positioning to get a hot bat in the lineup similar to Josh Naylor in the outfield. Given the Padres current woes, this seems like a practical maneuver. One could also make the argument that France’s numbers are inflated thanks to El Paso’s elevation. A new “juiced” baseball being used in the PCL might also contribute to France’s numbers.

It’s easy to commiserate with Luis. If you’ve seen any of his interactions with Tatis Jr. and Franmil Reyes on Snapchat, you’d see a likable young man who enjoys playing the game next to his friends. Seeing both Fernando and Franmil become fixtures in the Padres rotation while taking the Quackenbush Express back to El Paso must be difficult. With little left to prove in El Paso, one can see time spent regaining confidence (alongside ACTUAL playing time) bringing Urías back to the Bigs sooner rather than later.

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Jay Stokes
Jay Stokes

I watched a lot of his at bats and thought he had a pretty good command of the strike zone (low O-Swing) but was just over-matched. He had some of the lowest contact rates on the team, so not sure how that improves in AAA, maybe just a maturing, age thing. I guess it all comes down to what they think is best of him. In terms of production, Kinsler, Pirela or Garcia don’t add too much. But if he is getting down, then perhaps AAA makes sense. But if he was fine with struggling, I would play him over Kinsler.

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Jay Stokes
Jay Stokes

In his two games down in ELP, his slash + OPS = .556/.600/1.000/1.600