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As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, All-Star Game voting has opened. MLB is doing something a little different this year, with voting going through June 21 before heading into a runoff election. In that second vote, the top three finishers for each position will vie for the starting gig in Cleveland. You can vote five times per day per email address, so it’s time to stuff that ballot box full of Padres. There’s been some mumblings on Twitter about a voting alliance with the Blue Jays, and while I don’t know how serious that is, I endorse it solely for getting Vladdy Jr. and Tatís Jr. in the All-Star Game together.

Of course, there’s one giant conundrum when it comes to filling out your ballot: Ian Kinsler. So let’s break it down into pros and cons


  • Wears a Padres jersey
  • Easier to just vote for every Padre
  • If he’s injured in the All-Star Game, nothing of value is lost


  • Why is he still wearing a Padres jersey?
  • We should be voting for Luis Urías instead
  • He’s so bad
  • Like, really really bad
  • Fuck you, fuck all of you

In the end, whether or not you vote for Kinsler is a deeply personal decision between you, your deity of choice, and Major League Baseball.

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