If you somehow have avoided any and all pop culture discourse over the last eight years, you might not know that tonight HBO will air the series finale of the fantasy epic Game of Thrones. But if you’re a San Diego Padres player, you not only know, but you’re joining your teammates for a watch party after this afternoon’s game. At least, that’s what Mark Sweeney said on this afternoon’s broadcast. We’ll almost certainly never know what happens at that party, but we can speculate.

  • Most Likely to Show Up In Cosplay: Wil Myers
  • Biggest Arya Stan: Fernando Tatis, Jr.
  • Biggest Jon Snow Stan: Austin Hedges
  • Biggest Daenerys Stan: Ian Kinsler
  • Just Really Likes Dragons: Joey “Fuego” Lucchesi
  • Probably Owns a Hand of the King Pin: Chris Paddack
  • Knows How to Speak Dothraki: Franmil Reyes
  • Ships Brienne and Tormund: Brad Wieck
  • Ships Brienne and Jaime: Eric Hosmer
  • Most Likely to Have Signed The Stupid Fan Petition to Remake Season 8: Ian Kinsler
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