Machado argues with Welke
Manny Machado argues with umpire Bill Welke. (David Zalubowski/AP)

It’s always been tough to respect an organization that includes Joe West, Angel Hernandez, and C.B. Bucknor. but the MLB Umpires Association has well and truly crossed the Rubicon today. After Manny Machado was ejected from Saturday’s game against the Rockies, MLB hit him with a one game suspension for touching home plate ump Bill Welke. Machado insisted he didn’t touch Wellke and filed an appeal with a league.

Thus far, it’s pretty cookie cutter stuff. There’s an altercation; there’s a suspension; there’s an appeal. Everybody rolls there eyes and gets over it. But somebody over at the Umpires Association decided this called for a temper tantrum.

I don’t even know where to start with this. I mean, the gross misuse of hashtags is ripe for the mocking, but there’s actual, serious issues to be addressed. The tweet’s emphasis on the supposed violence of Machado’s actions is the kind of racist dog whistling that has plagued him for years, and it’s astonishing to see the Umpires Association put that front and center.

Beyond that, it’s absolutely unprofessional for the umpires to be addressing this publicly over Twitter instead of airing their grievances directly with MLB. The Padres and the MLB Players Association aren’t litigating Manny’s appeal over Twitter (though they might, now that some ump has decided it’s the perfect place to swing his dick around).

It will be interesting to see if MLB addresses this gross overreach by the Umpires Association, but given Rob Manfred’s priorities in recent years, I’m not optimistic.


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It’s been a pretty amazing way to unite various very disparate worlds behind Manny, which might be a silver lining to this absurdity. But still, the targeting of Machado is awful.

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